Build Your Company’s Brand on a Firm Foundation

The Value of Foundational Messaging to Goal Setting, Securing a Following and Establishing an Image

Are there any four words more exciting than “Once Upon a Time…”? Beginnings are filled with promise… and magic… and mystery… and building momentum towards the future.

Beginnings are also often filled with questions. Particularly when launching a business.

“What will the future look like?”

“Will people want to buy the products and services I’m selling?”

“How will I reach my target audience, and what do I tell them once I’ve got their attention?”

Chances are, you drew up a business plan when starting your company, but not everyone initiates a branding plan – and that can make all the difference. At The Edge Agency, we pride ourselves in being a branding agency – one that does a deep dive into your company’s DNA to develop a strong and strategic plan for establishing your unique brand. But first, it’s critical to lay a firm foundation upon which to build that brand. That foundation is represented by messaging that will define your brand, outline your goals, connect with an audience and gain buy-in from your team members. It will give you, your team and your customers something to believe in. Here are the cornerstones of that foundation and the reasons why you need them…

Company Name: Many companies already have a name picked out and ready to go when they step through our door, but does it clearly communicate what your company does? If you’re locked in and in love with your name, we can work with that. But if you’re open to exploring other possibilities to make your company stand out from the start, we welcome the opportunity to investigate some exciting options with you.

Tagline: Also known as a slogan, a company’s tagline is often synonymous with its brand image. Short, sweet and to the point, a well-rendered tagline can encapsulate your story, outline what you do, evoke a feeling or grab your audience’s attention with a powerful punch of prose. It can be as concise as three words, like Nike’s famed “Just Do It!” or as long as eight words, like M&Ms tried-and-true “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.” It should appear on all marketing materials – from your business card and your digital signature on emails to your website and all advertising.

Mission Statement: A mission statement is your proclamation to the world as to what your company does, who you do it for and your overall purpose for being. PURPOSE is a key word, as a growing number of consumers are throwing their support behind purpose-driven brands. If your company seeks to make the world a better place – GREAT – say that but include HOW you hope to make that impact. You traditionally have one to three sentences to convey all that information and reveal the beating heart of your company.

Core Values: Core values are your company’s guiding principles. Often used internally to educate your employees regarding “THIS is what we stand for… THIS is what we believe.” They help define your company’s culture, vision and way of doing business. They can often aid in decision-making and the development of your outward-facing brand. In the interest of transparency, more and more companies are sharing their core values with their customer base. A strong set of core values can help you gain buy-in from your employees. Everyone wants something to believe in. Make sure these are authentic choices and strive to live up to them every day, while asking your employees to do the same. The sooner your employees embrace your brand, the more likely your target audience will do the same.

Brand Promise: And while we’re on the subject of target audiences… your brand promise is your pledge to your target audience regarding what you, your products and/or services will bring to their life. It helps create an expectation in the minds of your customers and defines the customer experience for your team members. It’s a basic yet beautiful take on your company’s standard operating procedure. Bear in mind that your promise should be both credible and attainable. By failing to live up to your brand promise, you are failing the customers you set out to serve.

While many believe the best place to start building your brand image is at your company’s “beginning,” it’s entirely possible to define your brand or REdefine your brand years after you welcomed your first customer. The branding experts at The Edge Agency welcome the chance to sit down with you and learn more about your business and the brand you hope to create. From foundational messaging to your dynamic web presence, we can bring that vision to life. Getting started is easy! Simply call us at 404.512.0931.

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