Spinnaker SCA

Spinnaker SCA

Spinnaker SCA was founded in 2021 through the joining of two top supply chain consulting firms, SCApath LLC and Spinnaker Supply Chain.

Spinnaker SCA’s primary goal was to solidify their brand positioning and messaging and to create a modernized website as the central portal for client engagement.

  • Style Guide
  • Message Map
  • Logo
  • Design Business Card Design
  • Email Signature
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Templates Case Studies
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
  • Website Design & Development


  • Short timeline
  • Humanizing the brand
  • Company merger
  • Bring brand awareness internally and externally about the merge including new name, logo and brand positioning.


“As a marketing consultant, I am always striving to find the best partners and resources for my clients. The Edge Agency helped us execute an entire rebrand and new website in less than 2 months allowing my client to launch at the largest industry trade show for 2022. A huge win for everyone – they are trustworthy, smart, creative, and fun to work with. Highly recommend!”

– Amy McManus, Marketing Consultant


We partnered with Spinnaker SCA New branding, clear messaging, and consistent activity across social media platforms. Specific email campaigns and geofencing ads allowed the client to land meetings and open conversations with large fortune 500 companies (Under Armor, Nike, Target, Walmart, & Urban Outfitters).


Documents Rebranded


Days To Complete The Project