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At The Edge Agency, we specialize in providing branding services tailored specifically for startups. We understand that as a startup, you’re not just launching a company, but a brand. A brand that needs to stand out, resonate with your target audience, and grow swiftly in a highly competitive market. We’re here to make that journey seamless and successful.

Our passion for supporting startups stems from our belief in the power of innovative ideas and the transformative potential they have. We’ve walked the path of entrepreneurship ourselves, so we know firsthand the challenges you face. Our mission is to leverage our experience and expertise to help navigate your brand through the initial hurdles and set it on a trajectory of growth and recognition.

At The Edge Agency, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We delve into understanding your unique story, your vision, your products or services, and most importantly, your target audience. This deep insight forms the foundation of our strategic approach to your branding.

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Startup Branding Process

  1. Understanding the Startup: Kick-off the process by understanding the startup’s vision, mission, values, products/services, and target audience. This is essential to inform the rest of the branding process.
  2. Competitor and Market Analysis: Research competitors and market trends to identify opportunities for differentiation and understand what appeals to the target audience.
  3. Defining Brand Positioning: Based on the insights gathered, define the unique positioning of the startup in the market. This is the unique value proposition that sets the startup apart from its competitors.
  4. Developing Brand Identity: Create key brand elements like the logo, color palette, typography, etc. These should visually represent the startup’s identity and resonate with the target audience.
  5. Crafting Brand Messaging and Voice: Develop clear and compelling messaging that communicates the brand’s value proposition and creates a unique brand voice that aligns with the startup’s personality.
  6. Creating a Brand Story: Craft a compelling narrative that tells the startup’s story, conveys its purpose, and connects emotionally with the target audience.
  7. Branding Guidelines and Strategy Implementation: Establish branding guidelines to ensure consistency in how the brand is represented across all touchpoints. Also, outline a strategy for implementing the branding across different channels (website, social media, etc.). As the startup evolves, revisit and revise the strategy as necessary.


Working with the ladies at The Edge Agency is an absolute dream. They guided me through a rebrand and the creation of the website for my small business. The entire process was so seamless. They made tasks that seemed so intimidating and daunting feel easy and fun. In addition, I appreciate their professionalism, attention to detail, quick response time and their ability to make you feel like your project and goals are the most important thing in the world. I look forward to a continued relationship with them for years to come.


The ladies at The Edge Agency are fantastic. I truly enjoyed the whole rebranding process. They took the time to understand who I am, the vision for my practice, and to make it come alive. They did a great job helping me hone it to exactly what l wanted, and they are happy to help with any tweaks along the way. Such a creative, loving, helpful team that does fantastic work! Thank you to the whole team!


As a marketing consultant I am always striving to find the best partners and resources for my clients. The Edge Agency helped us execute and entire rebrand and new website in less than 2 months allowing my client to launch at the largest industry trade show for 2022. A huge win for everyone - they are trustworthy, smart, creative and fun to work with. Highly recommend!


The women at the Edge Agency are AMAZING! I would highly recommend them to help you launch/elevate your social media platforms. They provided hands on training and tools to help even the most novice user learn how to create reels and videos in a very short time frame.