Web Design Agency in Buford, GA

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Headquartered in Buford, Georgia, The Edge Agency is a renowned branding firm that offers premier web design services to its clients. Their offering is not limited to brand creation and strategy; they also excel in designing dynamic, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing websites that significantly boost online presence and engagement.

Understanding that a well-crafted website is a fundamental pillar of an organization’s branding and communication strategy, The Edge Agency’s skilled team of designers and developers work in tandem to create digital platforms that truly reflect the unique identity of their clients. They recognize the power of a well-structured, engaging, and easy-to-navigate website in conveying an organization’s mission, values, and services to its audience.

What sets The Edge Agency’s web design services apart is their meticulous process and attention to detail. They begin by understanding the client’s goals, target audience, and the nuances of their industry. This understanding informs the design process, ensuring that every element of the website, from its layout and color scheme to its functionality and content, aligns with the client’s brand and vision. 

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Web Design Process

  1. Discovery and Research: The initial phase involves understanding the client’s business goals, target audience, and competitors. It includes researching industry trends, analyzing user behavior, and identifying the key features required for the website.
  2. Planning and Site Architecture: This involves creating a sitemap outlining the website’s structure and deciding on the navigation elements. It also includes defining the user journey, ensuring that users can easily find the information they need and complete desired actions.
  3. Wireframing and Prototyping: Wireframes are created to establish the layout of each page and the placement of various elements. Prototypes may also be built to provide a visual and interactive model of the website, offering an early look at the user experience.
  4. Design: During this phase, the visual aesthetics of the website are designed. This includes creating color schemes, selecting fonts, and designing graphics. The aim is to create an appealing interface that aligns with the brand’s identity and resonates with the target audience.
  5. Development: Here, the website is brought to life. The development team codes the site, ensuring it is responsive (adapts to different screen sizes), accessible, and user-friendly. The front-end (client-side) and the back-end (server-side) development of the website are done during this stage.
  6. Testing and Quality Assurance: Before launching, the site is tested for functionality, performance, and compatibility with different browsers and devices. Any bugs or issues are fixed to ensure the website offers a seamless user experience.
  7. Launch and Maintenance: Once the website is live, it’s critical to monitor its performance and make necessary updates to keep it relevant and efficient. Regular maintenance includes updating content, fixing bugs, improving site speed, and optimizing for SEO. This ongoing process ensures the website continues to meet its goals and serve users effectively.


Working with the ladies at The Edge Agency is an absolute dream. They guided me through a rebrand and the creation of the website for my small business. The entire process was so seamless. They made tasks that seemed so intimidating and daunting feel easy and fun. In addition, I appreciate their professionalism, attention to detail, quick response time and their ability to make you feel like your project and goals are the most important thing in the world. I look forward to a continued relationship with them for years to come.


The ladies at The Edge Agency are fantastic. I truly enjoyed the whole rebranding process. They took the time to understand who I am, the vision for my practice, and to make it come alive. They did a great job helping me hone it to exactly what l wanted, and they are happy to help with any tweaks along the way. Such a creative, loving, helpful team that does fantastic work! Thank you to the whole team!


As a marketing consultant I am always striving to find the best partners and resources for my clients. The Edge Agency helped us execute and entire rebrand and new website in less than 2 months allowing my client to launch at the largest industry trade show for 2022. A huge win for everyone - they are trustworthy, smart, creative and fun to work with. Highly recommend!


The women at the Edge Agency are AMAZING! I would highly recommend them to help you launch/elevate your social media platforms. They provided hands on training and tools to help even the most novice user learn how to create reels and videos in a very short time frame.