Time to be a Webmaster

For many small businesses, the website is the first visible component that their potential customers will see. Drawing traffic to your website allows conversions to happen, leading to success. Several factors affect the popularity of your website, including style, keywords, and SEO. The main goal is to have every aspect support and reiterate your brand identity.

While the visual look of your website may seem most important, no one will see your website if they can’t find it. This is where keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) comes in handy. Search engine optimization refers to garnering more traffic and increasing your website’s position on search engine pages. How can you improve it? The answer is keywords.

Before starting on anything else for your website, research keywords, as these will form the foundation for your niche website. A tool like Google Keyword Planner presents the chance to evaluate hundreds of keywords related to your niche and brand. When deciding what keywords to implement, you need to look out for competition, how long it will take to rank on the first page of a search engine, and keyword difficulty. While someone can do this manually, many resources can provide you with the accurate information to put your best foot forward. 

Take as much time as needed to develop a strong keyword list that will lead potential customers to your site and help improve your overall SEO and ranking. Once you feel confident in that list, it is time to set up the backbones of the operation, including purchasing a domain name and some web hosting.

When finding an available domain name, try to find one that includes one or several of your keywords related to your niche. Go for a .com domain name if you can. Godaddy.com is a well-known place to buy a domain name. While it may seem like an extra expense, purchasing the domain name is a branding cost that ensures that no one will steal it from you and makes selling your website easier if the time comes. 

Once the domain name is secured, choose a web host with a “one-click WordPress installation” feature. WordPress is one of the first platforms to install on your website. Blogging is a helpful tool and a way to brand yourself further. Remember that keyword list we told you to make? Blogging is a part where it will come in handy. WordPress blogging platform offers many themes and plugins that enhance your website and allow you to optimize SEO. Writing blogs lets Google see that you are providing relevant information that could improve your ranking. 

Last, we do want to create a cohesive look for your site. Your brand and branding ideas come into play during this step. Your brand consists of your logo, graphics, and website headers. Your brand’s visual identity has the chance to shine through.

There is no need to worry if you are not an expert in creating and designing websites. The Edge Agency has the skills to help you create and develop the brand and website you envision for your business. Call (678) 270-7198 to start taking an edge.