Build, Grow, Test, Repeat.

As a branding and marketing agency, we understand the details and dedication needed to make your brand come to life and have it extend to everything else regarding your business. A helpful and necessary lesson to learn early on is to take the time to prepare. Taking the time, in the beginning, to map out all the details and preparation will make everything else a whole lot easier.

The big question is, what do you do when you have your niche selected and the backbones of your website set up? There are several ways to continue making your brand’s presence known productively and positively.

The first step is to write or produce high-quality content for your website. Quality over quantity is the rule. Content is what your audience sees and interacts with the most. One low-quality content can hurt your reputation and destroy the perception you are working hard to build. When creating or checking over content, ask yourself if it will positively impact your brand or if there is a chance of lowering it. 

The best combination is to post high-quality content regularly. Consistently posting keeps you present in the mind of your target audience. Our best advice is to create a content plan. Your content plan can include aspects like social media posts, videos, blogs, and reels. The Edge Agency offers a wide range of packages that can tackle the content and publishing for your brand. Whether you use professionals or do it yourself, implement the keywords you spent a lot of time finding and refining. You want your content to encourage your audience to complete your desired call to action and work on building brand presence. 

The second step is to always be on the lookout for how to generate targeted traffic to your site. The niche website you work so hard to brand for yourself ultimately will fail if no one sees it. The main overarching goal is to improve SEO and get your website ranked. By simply using your optimized keywords and adding relevant content, you can improve your SEO.

In the short term, you can work on adding high-quality backlinks from other websites to help with your website’s ranking. Some backlinks will come naturally but putting in the effort to add more is helpful. Today is the day and age of social media, and it is a great tool to help distribute your brand’s content. Spend time to increase your followers, and use their boost/promote functions to reach a wider audience. 

Another helpful tip includes creating and posting relevant videos to YouTube. There are opportunities to rank YouTube videos first on Google for particular keywords. Always continue to build, refine, and optimize your keywords list to include in the rest of your content. Ensure to implement the keywords throughout the title, description, and even tags.

Our third point builds off another way to drive traffic to your website. Build and grow an email list for your brand. This list contains followers, subscribers, and anyone interested in your business and who loves your brand’s presence. By building the list, you can send them emails with offers, information, and details that may interest them to contact you or purchase a product. Email marketing brings many opportunities to connect with your target audience, adding value to their experience. 

The final step is to test and test again. Branding and marketing are ongoing investments that need to grow, develop, and change with time. There are many changes, big and small, that, when done correctly, can be the difference between low conversions and high conversions.

Give your website and marketing tactics time, and use analytics to see what is working and what isn’t. Google Analytics is a simple tool to set up on your website that will give you a lot of insight into where your site is doing well or needs work. By spending the time to improve and learn, you can ensure your investment will pay off for your brand. Don’t be afraid to test many variations throughout your business’s lifespan. How will you know if you can do better if you never try?

If all this seems daunting or you don’t know where to start, we at The Edge Agency can help get you started. With our vast knowledge of all things marketing and branding, from websites to email marketing, we can find the packages that work for your brand and its goals. Visit our contact page or email us at to talk about your goals and how we can make your brand’s identity come to life.