Banks Stubbs McFarland

Banks Stubbs McFarland

One of north Georgia’s longest-serving litigation firms focuses on providing thorough and experienced legal representation and continues to build a significant reputation for results. Banks Stubbs’ goal was to build a stronger presence in the community, drive new leads, and create brand awareness.

  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Paid Media
  • Email Campaigns
  • Photography & Videography


Banks Stubbs and McFarland had grown to the point where they needed a marketing team to bring brand awareness, drive leads, and to be recognized within the community.


Through our above efforts, we have seen consistent social media growth, above industry average open rates on emails, and press releases that have been picked up locally.

  • Average of 7% Engagement Rate Across All Social Media Platforms
  • Paid Impressions were 82% of their total impressions on FB YTD, which drove traffic to website and calls

Also potentially worth noting, successfully ran a campaign announcing the merger with Carter Pilgrim, including a video shoot, social media, a press release, and emails.


Percent Average Email Open Rate YTD (industry average is 30%)


Percent Average Click Rate YTD