The Edge Agency Creates a Show-Stopping Commercial for The Lake Lanier Boat Show 

At The Edge Agency, we’re passionate about weaving brand stories into captivating visuals and strategic messaging. We don’t just create content; we craft experiences that resonate with your audience and propel your brand forward. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the organizers of the renowned Lake Lanier Boat Show, a premier event for showcasing the latest and greatest in boating experiences. 

The Lake Lanier Boat Show is a premier event in Georgia, attracting hundreds of boating enthusiasts twice a year. They approached us with a clear goal: to create a commercial that would increase brand awareness and generate excitement for their upcoming show. 

We understood the importance of creating a commercial that resonated with The Lake Lanier Boat Show’s target audience. Beyond the idea of simply showcasing boats, we wanted to tug at the desire to not miss out on the best Atlanta in-water boat show. And so we got to work and brought to life a commercial we all could be proud of.  

From Concept to Reality: The Edge Agency’s Creative Journey 

Concept & Goals 

Our initial brainstorming sessions with The Lake Lanier Boat Show team and our videography partners had a two-pronged approach: attracting new attendees to the event and ultimately inspiring them to invest in a boat. We wanted to showcase the diverse range of boats on display, along with the thrill and family-friendly atmosphere that defines the Lake Lanier lifestyle. 

However, to truly capture attention, we decided to tap into a relatable theme: the playful competition between dads. This creative concept, which we internally dubbed “FOMO Dads” (Fear Of Missing Out Dads), played off the desire for dads to provide the best experiences for their families. The commercial would subtly highlight the envy a dad might feel when witnessing others enjoying the lake on their own boats. The ultimate “win” in this playful competition, of course, would be for the dad to take the initiative and visit the Lake Lanier Boat Show, potentially leading to a boat purchase that would create lasting memories for the entire family. 

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding 

Before “FOMO Dads” came to be, we created a few different concepts. Once we showcased the options, “FOMO Dads” was chosen as the favorite.  

From there, we worked to build out an in-depth storyboard with scripting, photos of scenes, and booked actors. 

This ensured a cohesive flow for the commercial and allowed us to visualize how the narrative would unfold visually. The storyboards also helped us plan the filming process efficiently, capturing all the dynamic visuals needed to bring the “FOMO Dads” concept to life. 

Production & Filming 

Armed with the script and storyboards, our production team hit the ground running to translate the “FOMO Dads” concept into reality.  

Everyone from Edge to the Boat Show Board was very hands-on in developing the commercial. From building a grill, to donating a boat for a day, and family members and friends acting as stand-ins, this commercial was truly an “all hands on deck” collaborative project. 

We took an entire day to film, bringing the project to life. After filming, the editing process took a couple of days to complete, including rounds of revisions and final details. With all the incredible teamwork, we brought the perfect commercial to life! 

Commercial Metrics

The commercial has been a resounding success. Since its launch: 

  • 290,116 estimated household impressions 
  • 70,515 impressions delivered within premium content 
  • 511 hours of interaction 
  • 85% of the ad impression was viewed in full 

We performed well across 26 networks, including Pluto TV, DIRECTV, Forbes, HGTV, and more. This commercial broadened our viewership, bringing more eyes to our content and bringing more interest to the Boat Show event.

Why Effective Commercials Matter in Today’s Marketing Landscape 

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, captivating commercials remain a powerful tool for brand building and driving results.  

A well-crafted commercial can: 

  • Increasing brand awareness: A well-crafted commercial can introduce your brand to a wider audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • Boosting sales: By showcasing the benefits of your product or service, a captivating commercial can drive purchase intent.
  • Enhancing customer engagement: Videos create an interactive experience that encourages viewers to learn more about your brand.

According to a Wyzowl statistic, 86% of video marketers report that video has increased traffic to their website, and 87% of video marketers agree that video helps generate leads. In addition, 82% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. 

So as you can see, video is the present and future of effective marketing for moving your company forward. 

The Edge Agency: Your Creative Partner 

At The Edge Agency, we’re more than just a content marketing agency; we’re your creative partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including: 

  • Commercial Production: From concept development to filming and editing, we bring your vision to life. 
  • Content Marketing Strategy: We craft data-driven content strategies that achieve your specific marketing goals. 
  • Video Marketing: We create engaging video content that resonates with your target audience. 
  • Brand Storytelling: We help you tell your brand story in an authentic and captivating way. 
  • Creative Services: From scriptwriting and storyboarding to graphic design and animation, we handle all your creative needs. 

Ready to Create Your Next Show-Stopping Commercial? 

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